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Property enhancement projects should increase the value of your investments. Achieve this is by hiring Houston’s go-to contracting firm!

General Contractors Houston TX: Houston’s Go-To Contracting Firm

Your property improvement projects are in good hands when you are backed by a team of property improvement experts known for consistently providing exceptional results and services. General Contractors Houston is that team! We are contractors committed to completing projects on time and on budget. Although we specialize in home improvement projects, we also cater to business owners in Houston and neighboring areas. Many trust our team and our services because our dedication is to our clients and their goals. Our client's best interests are what we keep in mind for every action we take and every recommendation we provide.


Services Offered

01. Home Builder

The homes we build are known for being structurally stable, efficient, comfortable, and beautiful. We build in partnership with licensed design experts, engineers, and local suppliers and manufacturers of building materials.

02. Bathroom Remodel

Our all-inclusive bathroom remodeling services transform bathrooms of any size into tranquil and relaxing at-home retreats.

03. Kitchen Remodel

We assist in the design and offer services to repair, install, paint, etc. kitchens of any size and style to improve its overall functionality and aesthetics.

04. Roofing

Our roofing services safeguards and secures building structures from natural and harsh elements while enhancing their efficiency and curb appeal.

05. Plumbing

The various plumbing services we offer ensure that you are supplied with safe and clean tap water for your daily use.

06. Construction

We work in collaboration with construction-related field experts and project owners in building high-performing structures.

07. Spray Foam Insulation

Families can stay comfortable in any weather through our open-cell or closed-cell spray insulation services.

07. Pool Installation

We make backyards look stunning and increase a property’s value by adding beautifully designed and crafted swimming pools.

We Are Contractors You Can Trust

Construction projects are often complex. The whole plan could fall apart when no solution is offered or succeeds when one thing is amiss. A general contractor’s job is to ensure that processes transition smoothly from start to finish. Construction-related issues must be reduced to a minimum, if not totally avoided, through the services of a general contractor. Therefore, project owners need to have a trustworthy partner who knows how things should be done. We are contractors that can be trusted. The professionals at General Contractors Houston Texas are experienced, well-trained, and highly skilled. With them overseeing construction projects, budgets, materials, schedules, documentation, and manpower are efficiently and effectively managed.

The General Contractors Houston TX Advantage

Being regarded as one of Houston’s top contracting firms is something that we would not have achieved through luck alone. As a professional contracting firm, we strive to add value to every construction project we are hired to do. That is why we go the extra mile and commit to the following:

  • Keeping ourselves up-to-date with the latest developments.

    State laws and building codes change over time. The prices of construction materials, hardware, and finishes often fluctuate. Finally, construction-related technology continues to improve as time goes by. Therefore, we must keep ourselves informed of their latest developments to provide relevant and efficient services. The ways we do this include attending continuing development programs, obtaining accreditations, etc.

  • Building professional connections.

    Building and construction projects are never a one-man job. These projects require expertise in many fields such as design, architecture, engineering, quality control, etc. Establishing connections with professionals from related fields helps us widen our knowledge, sharpen our skills, and improve our services.

  • Having open communication with our clients.

    In the years that we have been in the contracting business, we learned that communication is the main key to ensuring the success of a project. Therefore, in the early stages of a project, we take time to get to know more about our clients, their visions, budgets, and expectations. We then let them know about what we can offer and our limitations. We are upfront with our estimates or quotes.

  • Providing cost-saving and cost-efficient solutions.

    Construction projects can sometimes be costly, and often, this hinders our clients from getting the results they envisioned. But because we always want what is best for our clients, we help them find ways to save on their project without compromising their project’s designs or the quality of the build. We help our clients save on construction costs by offering obligation-free initial design consultations, presenting pre-approved plans, providing curated selections of finishes and materials within their budget, etc.

  • Keeping our clients involved in their projects.

    We like to keep our clients involved as much as possible, especially when determining the scope of their project and while construction is ongoing. Our client’s input is necessary when planning the tasks that must be done, who should do them, the schedules, etc. We also check whether our clients are comfortable with the work we are about to do or what we have already done.


Expert Planning - General Contractor Houston TX

Expert Planning

We work openly and collaboratively with all the stakeholders involved in the project to develop strategic plans and targeted solutions that minimize or prevent untoward incidents and inconveniences.

Accurate Cost Estimates - General Contractor Houston TX

Accurate Cost Estimates

Our in-house estimators are highly-trained in utilizing the latest construction estimating technology to accurately prepare construction material takeoffs.

High-Quality Construction - General Contractor Houston TX

High-Quality Construction

We are experienced in overseeing construction projects of any scale. We are also well-trained in using the right and the latest construction tools, equipment, and technology.

Excellent Customer Service - General Contractor Houston TX

Excellent Customer Service

We aim to provide our clients complete satisfaction. Therefore, we work closely with them to fully understand their goals, needs, and preferences.

Quality Assurance - General Contractor Houston TX

Quality Assurance

We build using high quality and safe materials procured from suppliers and manufacturers that are equally committed to excellence.

Insurance & Warranty - General Contractor Houston TX

Insurance & Warranty

We provide a guaranteed correction period for the work that we complete. Other terms and conditions about insurances and warranties are clearly outlined in our contracts.

Define Your Project

Home improvement projects can take time Before you start any kind of construction project, you have to think about the type of work that will be involved. This will help you narrow down your options and clearly define what you want the outcome to be. Of course, you can always discuss this later on with your contractor Houston to further develop your plans.

Verify Insurance and Permits

Credible experts and service providers should secure the proper licenses and permits to operate. Hence, these documents are important and should be considered when deciding to work with a certain contractor. On the other hand, businesses with insurance show their care for their employees and the client’s properties.

Contact Us

General Contractors Houston is the contracting team you can rely on when planning a property improvement project of any scale. Feel free to explore our website for more information regarding our team, services, and process. Book your obligation-free consultation with us to plan your construction project with us. Give us a call or email using the contact details you see on this page. We are excited to hear about your visions and work with you to make them a reality.



In construction, a general contractor is a professional who oversees the entire day-to-day operations. Their responsibilities include managing manpower, processing and tracking orders for materials, budgeting, scheduling subcontractors, and permitting.

Yes. General contractors do not have to be licensed by the City of Houston. There are no age, education, and experience requirements to be a general contractor. However, they must register their business with the state.

In Houston, construction is allowed from 7AM to 8PM.

The city requires permits for new constructions, repair work, and construction work on existing buildings. Permits are not necessary for painting, flooring, and similar finish work.

The homeowner, their agent, or their general contractor can purchase a structural building permit in Houston.

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