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What is a General Contractor?

A general contractor is also called prime or main contractor whose primary tasks are constructing buildings and home facilities, house renovations, completion of turnkey projects, and other interior and exterior fit-outs. The people who handle the works have undergone special training related to the specific work. So you can trust them to provide a quality service.

The other responsibilities of a general contractor are to the management of the construction projects, provide estimates, communicate with the clients, prepare the needed pieces of equipment and construction materials, and other construction and related works.

Services Offered by General Contractors

Hiring a contractor to complete your construction project is highly recommended because of the significant benefits you can get from it. The construction process would be more organized and more efficient if you were to work with general contractors. Completion of the project within the set timeline is highly possible because general contractors have a methodized plan. Here are some of the most common services general contractors offer.


Turnkey projects

If you are planning for a project that is immediate in use, you can always turn to the general contractor for help. They can manage to complete and design any construction project from start to finish. Turnkey projects are very common for clients who have a deadline to meet or a restricted construction timeline. You can trust your general contractor to manage the necessary works for these types of projects.

Design Services

General contractors also offer design-build services. They build any construction projects such as home renovations, pool constructions, and others while entirely relying on what you need and also your personal design.


Renovation works are also part of the services offered by general contractors. From tearing down, old infrastructures to the reconstruction of new facilities are part of the remodeling services, a general contractor company does. Some of the most common renovation projects are residential construction such as kitchen, basement, bathroom, living room, and garage.

New Construction

A general contractor also builds a new house or any establishments alongside an architect who usually provides the design. They can also help with the design depending on the situation of the construction project.

Other Services Offered by a General Contractor

General contractors do a wide variety of construction services and are not limited to building big projects. They also do other micro-projects but are essential to successful construction projects.


They repair broken pipes or replace old plumbing systems with paving the way to more efficient water and energy consumption. They do all related plumbing works.

Electrical Services

Updating new electrical lines is also an offered service by a general contractor.

Painting Works

If you are looking for some people to do painting jobs for you, you can ask a general contractor to do the task. They offer interior and exterior painting works of any establishment.

Heating, Ventilation, and Airconditioning Services

You can ask a general contractor to install your new air conditioner or if you want to replace your old heating system. They do all the necessary works for your convenience.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning works for establishments such as medical or business offices can be done by a general contractor. Thorough cleaning, scrubbing, or organizing things are part of the services.


They can repair things made of wood, such as wood frames, walls, floors, decorative moldings, and others.

Processing of Construction Permit

A permit for the building process is required, and it is quite a complicated process. But leave the general contractor to do this job.

General Contractors in Houston, Texas

The main objective of general contractors is to provide satisfying services to their clients. They can do more works, given that the client explained to them what he envisions. If you are interested in knowing more about the services offered by general contractors, you can visit our website or contact our phone number.

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